Character views for a community project

Last year I got into a community project where one of my jobs was to create character graphics and an intro. Though they weren't used in the end, the visualisation was fun.

Vismaya menon img 0528

Main character- Chelsea

Vismaya menon img 0524

Chelsea's teachers were supposed to be three chibi youtubers. This one is my favourite.

Vismaya menon img 0523

Youtuber 2

Vismaya menon img 0526 1

Last youtuber

Vismaya menon img 0527

Every hero/ine has a loyal sidekick. Here's clipper.

Vismaya menon img 0525

I had originally imagined clipper as this old man in disguise, tryin to help chelsea learn because he believes she has what it takes to lead his company.

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